Shake Off The Dust (Digital)




True stories of God’s love, mercy, judgement, supply, miracles and victory in the Christian life. A real faith-booster to anyone on the journey of life!

Once you let God take the driver’s seat in your life, He takes you to incredible places, gives you wonderful experiences and shows you amazing miracles!

In this book Jerry Finch tells of his own incredible journey since giving his life to God over 40 years ago!

“A real faith booster to anyone on the journey of life!” -Rod Gogarty, Board of Directors, Association of Missionary-Minded Christians.

Topics in this book include among many: miracles, giving and finances, guidance, protection, listening to God’s voice, sharing the gospel personally, mistakes and errors, death and judgement, robberies, fears and victories, safety and security, supernatural supply, using spiritual gifts, and many others.