Pieces of China (Paperback)




Pieces of China a beginners guide to China

Pieces of China, with its bright design, cartoons and text friendly photos is a refreshing and unique way of looking at Chinese people and society from the bottom up! A must read for every traveler and businessperson or anyone interested in China and the Chinese today!

Pieces of China is the beginner’s guide to living in China or knowing Chinese people.

Taken from 10 years experience of my living in mainland China, this book is a valuable source of information presented in a humorous and easy read manner, along with many photos and cartoons! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it.

  • Topics inside include over 40 observations of the way of daily life, chapters such as:
  • who runs China
  • The One Child Policy
  • Language notes and tips
  • Chinese names
  • Pollution
  • Corruption
  • The Chinese woman
  • As well as the hilarious ‘are you a fake?’ section.