What’s Coming After The First Lockdown?

From Jerry Finch  May 10th 2020

     God bless you all. I pray you have already read our first few thoughts about the Coronavirus situation on our web sites. Especially it has been interesting to me that the Lord started showing something massive was coming as early as 2015! The links for that are below at the bottom.

    After a lot of prayer and listening also to a few people on YouTube and praying over their messages, my spirit agrees with the following thoughts in the next paragraphs. I pray we can all get ready, witness more, keep close to Jesus, and not make any wrong steps in this exciting time.

I would very much welcome your feedback on all this, and you can email any time at jfbooks@nym.hush.com

I may write more on some or a few of these points if the Lord leads me. But for now, I ask you and your family to pray about these points and view or read the links. Be prepared.

Love Jerry

  1. The western societies and others will move more rapidly towards a cashless society.
  2. There will be the gradual implementation of a  ‘social credit’ system to what China is using now. the societies will use it as much as they feel they can get away with it.
  3. The increasing poverty of the majority of society, which will prepare them for more complete dependency on the government or a regional or global government.
  4. An increasing police and military state
  5. A huge increase in the policing of the internet in each country; together with the banning of any conspiracy sites and the possible arrest of any people who hold such ‘deviant’ views.
  6. Another ‘wave’ of a different virus!
  7. Increasing civil unrest in some countries including riots.
  8. The formation of more right- and left-wing secret societies with militant aims (and arms).
  1. https://www.missionarychristian.org/inspiring-posts/349-word-from-the-lord-for-2019.html
  2. https://www.missionarychristian.org/inspiring-posts/326-the-two-judgements.html
  3. https://www.missionarychristian.org/newsletters/304-message-and-warnings-about-2017.html  (scroll down to the Word PREPARE)
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUPkZJRyVps